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Cascade Financial Partners

Cascade Financial Partners is a boutique wealth management firm focused on helping families and building legacies. Our clients view us as an integral part of their team, functioning as a personal CFO to guide them through all of life’s meaningful financial decisions.
EMPOWER: At our firm, we offer comprehensive financial planning services and personalized investment solutions which empower you to make informed decisions with the support of a seasoned team of advisors.
PROACTIVE: Our mission is to lead you down a path of financial success through a series of intentional solutions. We are focused on assisting you in achieving your goals in a strategic way, prioritizing the most pressing before moving on to the next, in a cascading fashion.
TRANSPARENT: Through our highly transparent process, we strive to make a lasting impact on your life. Our collaborative approach allows for the creation of a tailored action plan through open and honest communication that includes clear and accessible reporting.
FIDUCIARY: Your best interest is the driving force in our partnership, 100% of our compensation comes from you. We do not accept third party compensation from any strategy we recommend.
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